About Us

Hi, we are All The Kewt Stickers! When we started our company, we had one goal: to bring you the cutest stickers and stationary ever!

We're a small company that was founded in 2021 by one girl who has been designing and shopping for kawaii stickers and stationary since she was a kid! Our goal is to create and sell cute, fun stickers for your planners and stationary that are easy to use, affordable, and high quality. We're all about making life a little bit more exciting with every planner purchase!

We also sell new designs for wholesale on Faire so you can use our stickers in your own business or just buy them for yourself. We love seeing how people decorate their notebooks and letters with our products, so if you have any questions about what kind of stickers to use on your planner pages or how to make your letters look extra cute, feel free to reach out! CLICK HERE TO SHOP FAIRE WHOLESALE!

You can shop our products by clicking here OR on the images below, or follow us on Social Media!

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