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Kawaii Planner Stickers - Flamingos - Rice Balls - Onigiri, Flowers, Rabbits, Kawaii stickers, Journal Flake Stickers, Summer Stationary B4

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Kawaii Planner Stickers - Flamingos - Rice Balls - Onigiri - Flowers - Rabbits - Kawaii stickers - Journal Flake Stickers, Summer Stationary Adorable Flake Stickers There are six different types of flake stickers for your journal or planner and each package has 40 stickers: 1. Flower Arrangement - Beautiful blue and purple flower bouquets 2. Flower Show - Multiple flower colors and types of flowers 3. Happy Burning Fire - Different adorable flamingo designs 4. Lovely Rice Balls - Cute little onigiri in all different moods and positions 5. Naughty Rabbit - All kinds of rabbits in silly scenarios and positions 6. Refreshing Summer - Watermelon - eggs - ice cold drinks and desserts! The sticker package is 3.5 x 3.5 inches and the stickers range from 1/2 in flakes to 1 inch flakes! Just the perfect size for your planner, journal, or notes! 40 pcs Decorative Stationary Adhesive Stickers Available in 6 different Designs Perfect for scrapbooking and decorating and journaling. Colors on Monitor may be different than in person view, but the stickers are so beautiful you will love them no matter what! Each Set is 3.99 But if you buy all 6 the total is 18.99 - It saves you 4.95! ******* Shop all our stickers here! *******



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